Starting at the very beginning…

Okay, so it may be a month until Uni starts so technically I am not a student just yet BUT I feel that in order for you to be able follow my time as a student, it’s important that you understand how I got to where I am today.

A confession, this isn’t my first time.

I have already worn the mortar board, already experienced fresher’s week and, last time, missed too many lectures with a hangover.


Does anyone look good in one of these?!

In 2009 I graduated with a BSc in Psychology, a course that I thoroughly enjoyed but which, in hindsight, only scratched the surface of the mind and what it was capable of. As a result, you are a very lucky person if you manage to walk straight into a Psychology job once you have that certificate in your hands! During this first stint as an undergraduate I met a crazy-haired friend who has since sorted out his locks and become my husband.

Falling in love makes you do crazy, unexpected things and in this instance, it made me move to a town in which we knew no-one and had only visited once properly before we moved! So off we trotted, a loved up pair, to the beautiful Cotswolds in order for (the now) Husband to pursue an amazing opportunity working as a resident Ceramicst. I’m sure it will  come as no surprise that dream jobs such as these, don’t tend to pay the bills and so my degree and all the knowledge I gained had to be put on the shelf and I took up a job in Sales.

Oh Sales, what a love/hate relationship I had with you. It was a lot of fun when things went well but a bad day could leave you in tears, reaching for the nearest alcoholic beverage. And yet, it took the arrival of ‘Hurricane Little Man’ 6 YEARS LATER for me to finally cut ties with the industry.

So that brings me to the most recent turn in my tale, The Little Man. My beautiful and totally bonkers, son. It’s definitely been an interesting rollercoaster ride so far. However, becoming a mother has helped me define who I am and who I want to become. Sounds dramatic but I promised this blog would be honest and that is the (dramatic) truth.

Holding hands

As my maternity leave was drawing to an end I attempted to return to my job in Sales part-time, a request that was swiftly declined. Unless we won the lottery before my SMP was up, I knew I had to get another job. I got offered an interview for a part-time Sales position at a different firm, I knew that I should be feeling relieved (after all, money makes the world go round right?) Instead, I cried. And that was my lightening bolt moment, I knew that if I was going to leave the Little Man and put him into the care of someone else it HAD to be a job that I was going to enjoy and have some sense of fulfilment. So I declined the interview and finally listened to my Mum (the cliché is true, they are always right!) Having worked as a nurse herself since she left school and knowing how much I enjoyed psychology she had mentioned on several occasions that I should look into a career as a mental health nurse. So this time, I did.

The Husband and I looked into what the course would entail, finances and how it would work from the practical ‘living’ side of things. Despite there being a number of obstacles in the way, none of them put me off. And I came to the conclusion that if you really, really want something, you WILL find a way to jump over those hurdles, (or walk around them if you’re as unfit as me!) So on that profound note, I shall end my first blog entry.

If you’ve stuck this out to this point, thank-you!  I hope you’ve enjoyed the hop, skip and a jump through my life so far.

Next time the joys of the UCAS application process and how we’re planning to make our way around those hurdles!

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