3 more sleeps…

Apologies you lovely lot, life has been a tad hectic since my last post but on a plus side, I am feeling happier, full of cold, but happier!!

Little Man actually letting me do some studying in Skills Week!

I had a fantastic Simulation Week at Uni, which is basically a week of learning practical skills which we are likely to come across in practice. I learnt SO much and for any fellow Student Nurses/Nurses, I am proud to say I can now do a pretty good ‘hospital corner’! The week culminated in a practical test to check I could administer medication (in this case, tic tacs and skittles!) safely, which anyone who has been following the page will know, I passed! Huge relief after a bad night’s sleep with Little Man and my brain feeling like mush. Along with the learning there were a lot of giggles and the chance to spend time with some of the Adult student nurses from our cohort too. They were a great bunch and as we share some lectures with them, I am looking forward to hearing how they have all got on with their first placement when we’re back in University in March…yes, March! Crazy eh?!

So since my last blog I have been to visit my first placement and although I am restricted on what I can tell you, I can say that everyone seems really friendly! What was really great is that they acknowledged what skills I am able to bring to the team. As someone with very little/no previous care experience, it is sometimes hard to see how I am going to be able to contribute on a daily basis and I have previously worried that I will just be in the way. But, when I told the manager of the unit that my previous experience is working in Sales, he was really enthusiastic. He talked about the fact that I must have great communication skills and be good at handling unhappy customers. I didn’t mention the time a customer yelled at me so much that they made me cry because that was a long time ago and being mother to a toddler means being shouted at by an unhappy customer is basically a daily thing, now I’m a pro!! I’ve said it before but, if you’re considering a career change whether it involves studying or not, you DO have valuable experience, sometimes we just have to think a little harder to recognise it! So, it’s only 3 sleeps until I start placement and I am still a little nervous but have concluded that this isn’t a bad thing, it shows that I care and that I am not going to go in there all guns blazing thinking I can save the world. (I can’t!)

Alongside my nerves about starting placement, I am also a little anxious about being away from Little Man. Since he was born I have only spent 2 whole nights away from him and even though he has been going to nursery since September, 99% of the time it is me who does the drop off/pick up and that is all about to change. My parents are wonderful with Little Man, he adores them and I have no doubt that they will have everything under control but I am definitely feeling sad that I won’t be around to have bedtime cuddles every night. I am aware that this is a reality for many parents who choose to or are forced to work hours that don’t always fit in with the bedtime routine so I am not after a pity party, it’s just going to take some adjustment in this house.

I am also a little sad that I won’t get to see any of my Uni friends until March! We may have only known eachother for a matter of months, but I feel like we have all needed to lean on one another at some point so far and even more than that, I am going to miss the giggles. So ladies, if you’re reading this…thank-you for all of the support so far, I cannot wait to be reunited with you all and share our stories from placement!

Can thoroughly recommend the Lion King, snuggles and particularly this delicious popcorn!!

Outside of anything University related, life has been pretty good. Little Man has definitely been having more and more ‘Terrible Two’ moments which have been challenging to say the least! He’s at that age where he wants to do things by himself but hasn’t quite got the knack (i.e. putting on shoes) and as much as I am all for encouraging independence, being limited with time doesn’t mix too well with this! Aside from this, our weekends together with The Husband have been brilliant. One benefit to having a limited time together as a three, means that we really make the most of every minute on the weekend. And that doesn’t necessarily mean tearing around here, there and everywhere but it does mean we tend to plan out what we’re going to do over the weekend. We knew the weather was going to be rubbish a couple of weeks back so we planned an afternoon with popcorn and ‘The Lion King’, bliss! And that’s something I would say to anyone who is doing this/considering this journey, be realistic and make the most of your spare time. For our little family, time is so precious. Which is why we are all counting down the days until Christmas, something that I can honestly say I haven’t done since I was a little girl and still believed in flying reindeers and a jolly man with a red coat and white beard!

And on that note, the parents are away and the builders are coming this morning to remove the living room wall (oh joy) so I best get myself up and dressed…wish me luck!


No pretty pictures, just honesty.

​Bit of an impromptu one but tonight I have the feeling of dread. I am already exhausted and tonight I have a cold-filled two year old who will scream at the top of his lungs because he wants to wear his socks so much that he won’t let me put them on. And the dread comes from knowing that tonight is going to be one of THOSE nights…

I know there are people who single-parent all of the time and to you, you have my whole-hearted admiration because having to keep calm, all.by.yourself. It’s like trying to stop a pan of boiling water overflowing with a potato peeler! All I want is half an hour of quiet so that I can prep for my practical exam tomorrow and the knowledge that tonight will be the first decent night’s sleep of the week!!!

Must resist wine!

Sorry for the random ramblings but this is how it really is sometimes, sometimes I wonder what the hell possessed me to do this!!!