No pretty pictures, just honesty.

​Bit of an impromptu one but tonight I have the feeling of dread. I am already exhausted and tonight I have a cold-filled two year old who will scream at the top of his lungs because he wants to wear his socks so much that he won’t let me put them on. And the dread comes from knowing that tonight is going to be one of THOSE nights…

I know there are people who single-parent all of the time and to you, you have my whole-hearted admiration because having to keep calm, It’s like trying to stop a pan of boiling water overflowing with a potato peeler! All I want is half an hour of quiet so that I can prep for my practical exam tomorrow and the knowledge that tonight will be the first decent night’s sleep of the week!!!

Must resist wine!

Sorry for the random ramblings but this is how it really is sometimes, sometimes I wonder what the hell possessed me to do this!!!

3 thoughts on “No pretty pictures, just honesty.

  1. Jayne says:

    Keep calm, do behaviour of which you will be proud, things are seldom as bad as you think. Let him have his socks on, put you son and get into bed together. Night, night. Kisses xx


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