Monday Monday…

Monday Morning…we meet again!

So I am on the final straight now of Placement and despite the fact that I know I am going to miss it (who saw that coming at the start?!), my mind and body is ready for a break! Ward life is non-stop! Continuous laps of the ward mean my hips and back are aching and the up and down nature of acutely ill patients make for a very tired mind. I have my Final Interview with my Mentor this week, so with any luck, by Friday I will be celebrating a ‘Pass’ for my first Placement. It has been such an eye-opening experience and I am hoping that after it’s done I will be able to, somehow, find the words to sum up this incredible experience for you all.


Kind of sad he didn’t make me one!

Outside of Placement, I continue to cram the rest of my life in to every waking moment! One of the (many) things that I struggle with in this crazy life we’re currently leading, is keeping in touch with friends. So on Tuesday, to be able to spend a couple of hours child-free, catching up with one of my oldest friends was heaven and doing it whilst enjoying a delicious Cream Tea was an added bonus! Wednesday was my day off with Little Man, we spent the morning doing some painting and then turned his creations into some cute Valentine’s Day cards for his Grandparents, Daddy and one of his little friends. When I asked him if there was anyone else he wanted to make one for, he said himself…not sure he entirely grasps the concept of Valentine’s Day but we’re working on it!! After his lunchtime nap, we spent the afternoon snuggled up on the sofa reading and then playing a game about phonics. Not only was Little Man an angel ALL day but we didn’t spend anytime playing cars…now if every day off could be that perfect, I would be the happiest Mummy ever! I have been contemplating the lack of cross words that Little Man and I have had with one another lately and trying to work out what the cause of this is. Is it an age thing? Is his ability to vocalise his wants and needs so eloquently, diverting potential sources of frustration? Is it because I am less stressed and more confident since starting Placement and as such, not so easily wound up? Is it just a phase? Will normal service resume shortly?! Whatever it is, I am savouring every moment!


Okay, I admit it, I enjoyed myself too…especially seeing Lady Penelope’s Car in the ‘flesh’.

Any lack of cars that I enjoyed on Wednesday was certainly made up for on Saturday… as we spent the day at the British Motor Museum aka Little Man’s idea of heaven! The Museum is in Gaydon near Warwick and is aptly, based next to the Jaguar Land Rover factory. Anyone else out there with a car-obssessed child, I cannot recommend this place enough. It is big enough to house a huge array of different cars/trucks etc. but not too big for a 2 year old to require his pushchair. All of the staff were super friendly, making such a fuss of Little Man and clearly shared his passion for cars as they were really knowledgeable too. And even better than all of that, as we Gift Aid-ed our ticket price, we have now got a year’s pass for no extra cost which means we can go back again and again! Excellent!

Loved up with these beauties!

After our busy day on Saturday and because of the hideous weather, we made the executive decision to spend Sunday indoors. What better thing to do when you’re indoors but don an apron and do some Family baking?! So continuing our Valentine’s theme we have made these amazing Passion Fruit and Raspberry cupcakes complete with red hearts courtesy of Tiger. They were really easy to make. Little Man especially enjoyed ‘Smushing’ the Passion Fruit pulp through the sieve and eating a stray raspberry!

And finally, in other exciting news at The Uni Mummy HQ, the Husband has a new job! We are all particularly excited about this news as it will cut about 20 minutes off his journey to us on the weekends and is also within cycling distance of where he is living with his parents, which means some crucial penny saving! Hoorah!

And on that happy note, I shall love and leave you all. I hope this week is a successful one and if not, it’s only 5 days until the weekend!