About Me

I’m Grace, wife to The Husband and mother to the Little Man. Currently clinging to the final year of my twenties and embarking on my next adventure in the role of Mature Student.

When I decided to apply for a place on the Nursing BSc (Mental Health) course I was desperate for someone to tell me that it was possible to be a wife, mother and student nurse all at the same time. Although the lecturers at the University assured me that people do it, I couldn’t find many people writing about their experiences juggling all three. So here I am, bringing you along for the ride and hopefully you’ll see that you (yes YOU) can do it too.

It may not always be pretty, so I promise that I will not sugarcoat my journey but hope to give you the insight that I would have loved when making my decision about whether to take this leap.


So here’s to feeling the fear and doing it anyway!